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Welcome to the SM league standings! In this section, we offer up-to-date information on the results, rankings and statistics of the SM League. Whether you’re an active follower or a casual viewer, by keeping up to date with your favorite team’s standings and match schedules, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the action this exciting hockey series has to offer.

The league table of the SM league  reflects the teams’ rankings and point potential. It helps to track the success of the teams and view the point statistics. Whether it’s the league’s top team or a struggling contender, the League Table is an important tool to help you understand each team’s performance.

Here you can also find more detailed statistics, such as the number of goals scored by the teams, the results of the matches, the top teams in the points market, Goalkeeper statistics and special situation statistics. We keep you up to date with all the events of the SM League and provide information on the most important games, playoffs and team preparation.

Keep browsing and enjoy the exciting game action of the SM League. Stay up-to-date on your favorite team’s rankings and statistics with the SM league standings!

Key points:

  • The League table of the SM league  offers up-to-date information on the teams’ rankings and point statistics.
  • View game results, goal totals and team success with the league table.
  • Stay up to date with upcoming games, playoffs and team preparation.
  • Get to know more detailed statistics, such as the point exchange, goalkeeper statistics and special situation statistics.
  • Follow the game action of your favorite team and enjoy exclusive information about the SM league!

Each team’s preparation for the new season requires careful planning and player recruitment. Each team has its own strategy and coaching team to help them achieve their goals. The players practice hard to improve their skills and prepare for the upcoming games. The teams’ player groups consist of both experienced veterans and young promises, which brings versatility and tactical know-how to the games.

Look forward to following the progress of your favorite team and keep up to date with the battle of the SM league teams this season!

SM Liiga Match Schedule

The schedule of matches of the SM league  offers Finnish hockey fans exciting moments and expected encounters during the season. In this section, we present important information about upcoming games and their schedules.

SM Liiga Point Exchange

The points exchange of the SM League  offers a comprehensive picture of the teams’ best scorers. Every player is aiming for the SC league goal kingship and points record, which makes the points exchange very exciting to watch.

At the moment, Joel Kiviranta, who represents Kärppi, is at the top of the points exchange in the SM league. Kiviranta has collected a total of 45 points, 32 of which are goals. He is followed by Mikael Seppälä in TPS, who has scored 40 points, 18 of which are goals.

Goalkeepers’ save percentage and Zero games can affect players’ rankings in the points market. Teams’ most skilled passers and goal scorers are quickly noticed as they earn more points for their team.

SM Liiga Goalkeeper statistics

This section presents the statistics of SM league goalkeepers and offers more detailed information about each goalkeeper’s save percentage and number of clean sheets.

The league’s Goalkeeper statistics  are important metrics for the success of teams. The save percentage indicates the goalkeeper’s ability to stop the opponent’s shots. The higher the save percentage, the better the goalkeeper succeeds in his performances.

In addition to save percentage, clean sheets are a significant measure of goalkeepers’ performance. A clean sheet is achieved when the goalkeeper is able to keep the opponent’s score at zero throughout the match. Juha Metsola is also the leading goalkeeper in the number of clean sheets, who has a handsome 6 clean sheets this season.

The statistics presented in this section help to understand the performance of SM League goalkeepers and their impact on team success. By following the goalkeeper statistics, you can keep up to date with the performance of the goalkeepers in the League and evaluate their contribution to the teams’ success.


SM Liiga’s Young Promises

In this section, we present the young promises of the SM League who have shown significant potential during the season. These young players are considered the stars of the future and are eagerly followed as their careers develop.

Aatu Räty

Aatu Räty is one of the most promising young players in the SM league. He is only 18 years old, but his skills and game intelligence have attracted a lot of attention. Räty started the season strongly by scoring several goals and assists and earned a place in one of the top teams.

Roby Järventie

Roby Järventie is also a young promise with huge potential. He is only 19 years old, but has already shown his ability as a goalscorer. Järventie managed to score several important goals and helped his team win important matches. He is considered one of the top promises of the SM league in the future.

Veeti Miettinen

Veeti Miettinen is another young talent of the SM league who has attracted a lot of interest. He is only 20 years old, but has already shown his strong scoring ability. Miettinen managed to score several important goals and helped his team succeed. His speed and skating skills set him apart.

  • Aatu Räty
  • Roby Järventie
  • Veeti Miettinen

The development of these young players is closely monitored and it is expected that they will continue their great performances in the SM League in the coming seasons. They have the potential to become the league’s brightest stars and leave their mark on Finnish hockey history.

Playoff schedule

  • The playoffs start in March and continue until the end of April.
  • The matches are played at a close pace, when the teams meet each other several times within a week.
  • The first round can be a best-of-three series, while later rounds move to a best-of-seven system.
  • The playoff schedule varies from year to year, so check with an up-to-date source for game dates and times.

Team meetings

  • In the playoffs, teams meet each other several times, so modifying game strategies and analyzing the opponent are key.
  • Fierce competition is seen in every match as players fight for a place in the next round.
  • Matches between the top teams arouse special interest and offer viewers real top hockey.
  • As the playoffs progress, the remaining teams will fight hard for a place in the finals and eventually the championship.

The SC league playoffs  are full of excitement and emotion. Fans get to enjoy top hockey and unique moments when teams fight for victory. Follow the schedules and cheer your favorite team to the turning points throughout the season.

SM Liiga Fans and Supporters

SM League fans  are passionate and loyal supporters who support their team throughout the season. They make exciting fan trips around Finland to encourage their favorite team to victory. The SM league includes numerous different supporter groups, which are known for their inspiring cheering songs and colorful cheering equipment.

Supporter groups in SM Liiga  create a unique atmosphere for match events. They create a strong and loud cheer in the stands, which gives the players extra motivation and energy. Supporters are the team’s sixth player, and their support is an irreplaceable part of SM league games.


In the previous sections of the article, we have delved into the SM league standings and provided comprehensive information about the season’s twists and turns and statistics. Looking at the current situation and following the teams’ performance is key when you want to stay on top of your favorite team’s ranking and results.

The SM League offers exciting games and high-level hockey. The teams compete hard for the championship, and every match is full of drama and excitement. The league table gives us valuable information about the teams’ performances and their rankings during the season.

It is important to stay up to date with the exciting game activities of the SM League. You can follow your team’s progress in the standings, view the players’ points exchange and goalkeeper save statistics. Every game and scoring potential is a key part of an exciting hockey season.

Now that you have updated your knowledge of SM League events and team performances, you can fully enjoy the exciting game action and stay up to date with the most important events on the field.


What is this section about?

In this section, the league table of the SM league is discussed and up-to-date information about the twists and turns of the season is offered.

Where can I get information about the rankings and statistics of my favorite team?

Stay up to date with your favorite team’s standings and stats by following this league table.

Why is the league table of the SM league important?

The league table gives a comprehensive overview of the teams’ success and helps track the progress of the season.

How often is the Series table updated?

The series table is updated regularly, so you can be sure that you will always receive up-to-date information.

Are there other stats in the standings?

Yes, in addition to the standings, you can also find the number of goals and winning percentages of the teams.

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